I am interested in creating visual forms that fluctuate between the stability of presentness and the loss of clarity that is tied to memory.  In my work, the memory of space is translated through elements of color and line that are constantly in flux, creating forms that are coming together and falling apart at the same time.  ​Color choice is tied to a sentimental memory of the past and is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia.


My work brings personal experience to the familiar forms of minimalism while undermining the notion of aesthetic autonomy.  I question the unique object by intentionally mimicking the same forms repeatedly, attempting to reproduce the original while allowing imperfection and a lack of precision to create work that exploits the failure in repetition.  The reductive form is a means for conveying the emotional and physical experience of space.

Ultimately, I am compelled by the idea that I can find beauty in mundane spaces that are accidentally visually engaging. I draw inspiration from everyday motifs like street signs, weeds, graffiti, and fences and the spaces that are most familiar to me like my backyard, neighborhood and home. My focus is on bringing a personal and emotional response to the ordinary scenes of daily existence that are often overlooked.

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